Thursday, May 6, 2010

Skidpad Testing = Engine Failure.

Sponsors day was a great time (minus the rain) but even that turned out to be pretty sweet because it was a great day to test out the electronics. Nate Roy and Chris Byus from 2008 and Dave Bartlett from 2006 showed up to checkout our work and give us some feedback.

Tuesday we went to the freshman lot to do some skidpad practice and break the car. It seems somewhat counter intuitive to have a goal to break the car but better here at the shop the in the endurance race. It ended up that we damaged a rod in the engine so rather than trying to trouble shoot and repair we spent last night just replacing it with an older one.

- Wes

Painting the nose

Adding clear coat

Test driving on sposors day in the rain

Dustin driving

Ryan waiting to start the skidpad

Kimberly without her engine