Saturday, September 26, 2009

Intro to Jackets Racing

A quick overview of Jackets Racing and what we do:

Jackets Racing is now in its sixth year of attending Formula SAE events. FSAE is a student design competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The objective of the competition is to develop a prototype race car that can be marketed to a weekend autocross racer. Each team designs, builds, and tests a prototype. The cars then compete at competition in both dynamic and static events.

The car must first pass a rigorous technical inspection at which it is checked for compliance with the rules. Next, the car is judged on its marketability and the quality of its engineering design in the business and design presentations. A cost report detailing the price of each component of the car is also submitted and judged. The team then participates in four dynamic events. The acceleration and skid-pad events test the raw acceleration and cornering capabilities of the car. The autocross course is comprised of slaloms, hairpin turns, and small straights, and so tests the agility of the car. The twenty-two kilometer long endurance event tests the manufacturing quality and stamina of the car.

- Wes Muntz

Here are some pictures of our team and our cars:

07-08 Car

08-09 Car

Scott Bardakjy driving the Miata during the Autocross at Kil-Kare Raceway

Dustin Winchester driving the 09 Car in an Autocross at Kil-Kare Raceway

Scott Bardakjy doing Skidpad Testing

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  1. hey guys, I was glad to see some of you this week. It sounds like things are going well and I'm excited about what you're planning on doing with the car. Keep it up. Get that suspension done soon. That would be great. Oh, try get an engine on that new dyno asap. That would be great for you guys. You don't need perfect runners and headers to learn how to tune. But I'm not an engine guys so I'll not say any more about that.

    Keep it up. It is possible!