Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where the rubber meets the road.

Things we've been doing: frying ECUs, grommeting metal around the seat and firewall, making a chain guard, finishing the gear indicator, attaching the brake light, making the body faring, attaching the impact attenuator, writing up our business presentation...

All that to say, its the little things that are killing us right now. The team is burning out from working so hard for so long and it seems like this car is never going to be complete. We need a good swift kick in the pants to finish this car and start driving!

- Wes

Female mold being sanded outside

Wes spraying DuraTec into Female for better surface

After finishing the DuraTec

Wet sanding up to 1000 grit

Now for the waxing process. Karate Kid anyone?

Firewall and grommet material

Ben with his new and improved top hats

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